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We want Colour Me Happy to be your online happy place.  We are building a wonderful community of caring, interested women (and snaggy men!) who are genuinely interested in living a colourful happy life and give more inside out smiles to the world.

Our SMILE Philosophy

Because happy looks good on you

Story Know Your Story

Know yourself. Know the little child inside you screaming out for attention; the love goddess (or god) lurking in your loins; the loser who didn’t get it right; the champion who kicked arse; the stayer who stayed too long; the giverupperer because it just got too hard; the friend who can be counted on; the being who cares about . . . The list is long. It’s your job to know your story. This is the way you learn to forgive and love yourself for the magnificently perfectly flawed being you are.

Moments Be In The Moment

Elenour Roosevelt said “Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery and today is a gift, that’s why they call it the present”. Do you live in the past, bringing up old stuff to prove your point (yes, you’re right). Do you live in the future, worried about job security, your marriage, mortgage, kids, the list goes on when you don’t want to face up to being in this very moment. Do you have the ‘distraction’ disease? (Social Media is the biggest culprit. Elenour didn’t say that. I did!). Right now, this moment, is your life. It sets the stage for the next moment and the next. Make them count. It takes determination and practice but the pay off is huge.

Inside All your answers are Inside you

Why don’t you trust your instincts anymore? Perhaps you’re too clouded with other peoples opinions. Perhaps you’ve been beaten down to think your opinion of anything, including yourself does not matter. Need to hear it from someone else to believe it. Nooo. You do have all the answers inside you if you just listen. Let go of the insecurity of how others might see you.  Clear out the clutter of old stories that have stonewalled you and listen to your beautiful mind, body and soul. It will lead you on an amazing journey.

Love Do Love, Be Love

“Where there is love, there is life” Mahatma Gandhi said and I’m sure he meant a good life, a great life! Teaching yourself to do everything with love means firstly, loving yourself. Truly. Warts and all. Sit with your negative emotions for just a little while and talk to them before taking yourself or someone else on the blame game ride. Do things to nurture yourself; hug a tree, sit in silence, watch a sunrise. Make a promise to yourself to come from Love. Check yourself when you don’t. Be grateful for every new day as you live it with love!

Ease Ease in everything, for everyone

When you know your own story, enjoy the moment, trust yourself and come from love, you will naturally be at ease. You will feel things are easier. Problems are not so impossible. People are not so difficult. Pain is not so unbearable. You’ve had that feeling of ease at times. When you knew everything would be OK. The practice now is to feel this all the time. Through the good times and the bad. You can do it. Miraculously, being at ease, nourishes more of the same. A habit you want to be addicted to.

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