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How’s Business?  You’ve landed here because someone has recommended you to me or you found your way here through googling “help! I want to choke my team.” or more sensible searches like “business coach; teamwork; increasing sales; customer service”.

Whatever the reason, I’m delighted you found us.  If you’re ready for a fresh perspective on delivering outstanding customer service, creating the best and simplest systems to make sure you deliver it consistently or simply reviewing your business drivers so you can make more sales and profit, then I’m your girl/woman/answer.

Some Ways I Can Help


Great FunShops (aka workshops) especially designed for your team, uncovering all the stuff that gets in the way of success.  A strategically designed FunShop for 10 or 100 people that addresses your main business challenge is one of the most effective ways to get the retained results you are looking for.  Check out below for the video sneak peak, testimonials and the FunShops.  If you want to know more, get in touch with me (below).

Sledgehammer Business Coach

Your Sledgehammer Business Coach who won’t hold back the punches.  When it comes to People, Productivity and Profits, we’ll find a sharper and more effective way to do things that will positively impact your business.

To find out how we can help you, take up my offer below for a free 30 min ‘get real’ phone call.

Conference Presenter

Your next Conference Presenter and Facilitator, fully equipped with high energy fun, interactivity and solutions personalised to your business and your highest priorities.  Read what others have to say about Julie’s presentation, facilitation skills and ability to increase participant engagement.  Then contact us for more information or just a chat about how we may be able to help.  Julie also works with Great Expectation, Speakers & Trainers – Julie O’Shea Profile

FunShops for Your Team

Hurry Up & Slow Down

“You’re so busy, you must be important!”

A two hour FunShop (we are too busy for more, right?) where Julie will help participants identify their own bad habits and how this creates the Habit of Hurry.  We will drill down on why we get caught in these bad habits and how to break free of them.  We will have everyone walking away with a plan to slow down, be more effective and chillaxed!

Being comfortable

I Like Being Comfortable

“Hohumm…see you around!”

Each team member will work out why they don’t do stuff, step up, change and why they do hold onto baggage like it’s their BFF.  Everyone will create their own comfort/growth/panic zones and walk away with an understanding of their ‘blocks’ and what they can do about it.  As a team they’ll have their top ten action list to create a positive difference in their teamwork and customer service standards.

Why Some People Annoy You

“..and you annoy them”

Sensational customer service and connected Teams is what you’ll get from this FunShop. Your team will discover what their individual colour personality is, when they’re hot, when they’re not, how this affects their relationships with every customer and every team mate.  They will learn better communication and behavioural techniques allowing them to connect more naturally with everyone.

Wake Up & Dream

“Things are not what they seem”

To be in the moment, the here and now, you need to know where you’re heading, what your purpose is and how to get there.  Here is a plan with a difference, for your business or for your life!  This power packed FunShop gives the fundamentals for your business plan or personal life plan. We’ll begin with the end in mind and every participant will have a roadmap of their own making to make sure they don’t get lost when life throws them curve balls.

Being comfortable

Rock, Paper, Scissors

“Make up your mind, will ya!”

Managers have many decisions to make every day.  How they ensure their decisions are quick, effective and company value aligned is the key to their success and your satisfaction.  We will relate critical thinking to their every day operations to ensure they walk away with an improvement plan for more effective time management and decision making.  This interactive FunShop gives Managers the mindful breathing space they need to be great critical thinkers and informed decision makers.

My Life Sucks

“The lollipop diaries”

What type of Tribe have you created or are you in? Does your team shout out from the rooftops, “I love my job, I love my team, I love my life?” No? Why is that? Every team is a Tribe.  Every Tribe has a way of doing things and sometimes it’s good, sometimes bad. This FunShop will get you thinking ‘Tribal’ mentality and gives you and your team the tools to turn “my life sucks” to “life is great”.

FunShop Sneak Peak



Rated Highly

And Here’s What They Say..

WARM Customer Service FunShop

  • All retail staff should do this course!
  • Great fun, interesting and looking forward to the next session
  • Thank you for helping me do better, think better and be the best!
  • Was kept amused and well entertained and informed. Very, very good communication.
  • This session has answered a lot of questions for me as I am new to Retail and I am only just gaining confidence with Customer Service – Thank you

Colour Me Happy FunShop

  • Learnt a lot about reading people by colour, found it really interesting
  • Thank you Julie. The colours charts are fab
  • Looking forward to the next session
  • I always find Julies workshops very inspiring and always learn a lot.
  • Love these trainings, love the work shopping and interaction with other owners/managers
  • I was asked what more I wanted from Head Office and this was it. I train my staff each week & was craving for more to give to them
  • Very excited to take this to my teams at both stores

Leadership FunShop

  • We are getting great results in our stores as a result of the training
  • Great course- so relevant at the moment
  • Julies as always is a fantastic Teacher- Very energetic!
  • Julie is SO well spoken and motivates me
  • Something new to learn every time
  • always invigorating and revives enthusiasm
  • Thank you for teaching me something new. Very much enjoyed- found it very useful!
  • Very motivating, great tools to take home to store
  • Julie is fantastic love her, she’s the bomb!

Arthur Mitroulas

Julie is a wonderful energy and a trusted confidant to host or curate any event. Her enthusiasm and charm serve to magnify the experience for all present. She is engaging, considerate, passionate and has the ability to critical think and consider events from all angles. Her communication skills and her larger than life personality make her hosting events, driving workshops, project planning not just thorough but thoroughly fun.

CEO, Hairhouse Warehouse Pty Ltd.

Erika Sepulvida

I have had the pleasure of working with Julio O’Shea for 5 years and I can say that I have never met someone as motivating as her.  She has an amazing ability to inspire and motivate others to take action and move towards the goals they have set for themselves.  Julie has always seen the best in people and she knows how to unleash the greatness in them.  She has been a great mentor and amazing woman to learn from and has given me so much confidence to lead by example.

Founder, The Queen of Confidence.

Jen Martin

I had the pleasure of working with Julie for several years in the learning and development space. Julie is an effective and inspirational workshop facilitator – the dedication she puts into designing workshops is phenomenal. Julie has an incredible ability to understand and consider the ultimate outcome for the business and participants, and design workshops that feel tailor made to every person in the room. She is intensely considerate of company culture and will never compromise on standards and values.

Head of People & Culture, Hairhouse Warehouse Pty Ltd.

Erika Sepulvida

As a presenter she captivates the room with her knowledge, confidence and energetic personality, no matter the topic (even an excel spreadsheet) is not only understood but her ability to create engagement makes for a fun learning environment for all.

Founder, The Queen of Confidence.

Julie Vella

Julie and I crossed paths as me as the consultant and her as the client 6 years ago and had an instant connection which has now taken us to a new chapter in our careers. Julie’s passion to help retail managers in their pursuit of happiness is prodigious. Her single focus is to support this group of people managers to be the very best they can by looking within and finding the skills and behaviours to do so with some easy to grasp ideas from someone who has walked the walk of a people manager. If anyone is looking for a way to invigorate, reignite, kick start or set a team of people managers up to succeed, “The Big O” is this all wrapped into one dynamic, gorgeous parcel.

Principal Consultant, SUCCESS TRAIN

Greg Nathan

In my 35 years working in the franchising sector, there are not too many people who have impressed me as much as Julie O’Shea. Her courage, determination, big heart and practical intelligence make her the perfect package if you are wanting someone who knows how to really be MAD, that is to truly Make A Difference! Julie O’Shea always delivers in spades.

Founder, Franchise Relationships Institute

Erika Sepulvida

Julie has a unique skill when it comes to leadership, she can get a room full of leaders buzzing with inspiration to create and learn.  I know I would not be the leader I am today if not for my many training sessions, meetings and workshops I have had with Julie, she has positively impacted my ability to inspire others and take action on my life and for that I am truly grateful.  If you are lucky enough to work with Julie O’Shea be ready for an amazing encounter of creativity, high energy and awesome learnings.

Founder, The Queen of Confidence.

Karli Furmage

Julie O’Shea is a powerhouse of good juju! Julie has a rare mix of corporate savvy, small business expertise, franchise experience and a ginormous heart! I have worked alongside Julie as she implemented huge change programs. She thinks fast and takes informed and considered action to get the job done. Julie can relate and build constructive relationships from the boardroom to the shop floor. She is an excellent communicator and has the ability to inspire and motivate a team. I would recommend Julie to anyone wanting a tricky operational issue fixed, a change program implemented with precision and compassion or some extra fire power to get a job done.

Founder, Go Global

Julia Evans

Julie’s vision and drive for delivering operational excellence through others is inspiring.
Calling upon the many tools in her tool kit, Julie has continually demonstrated an ability to create work environments where strategy, achievement, practicality and empowerment thrive. We had the pleasure of working with Julie on a couple of projects – she ‘gets it’ and then ‘makes it happen’. What a brilliantly dangerous combination.

Researcher and Education Consultant, https://www.linkedin.com/in/juliaevans2

Jen Martin

The pure energy she brings to a room is contagious. I have never seen an arms- crossed, eye-rolling, bored participant in Julie’s workshops. If anyone enters the room in that space, Julie’s positive energy and no-BS approach snaps them out of it within the first 10 minutes. Having worked with her on design and delivery of a few workshops, I have experienced first-hand the intense hard work that goes into ensuring smooth, impactful, educational and purely inspirational days. With a unique ability to connect with the room and each individual, Julie and the messages she delivers are always remembered by participants in her workshops, even years down the track.

Head of People & Culture, Hairhouse Warehouse Pty Ltd.

Have a Question? Ask away.

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