“Show me your handbag”

How did 2015 shape up for you?  Did you wipe your brow with a heavy sigh, thankful it’s over or like many other years, you think it’s just another one that has bitten the dust?  Whether you desperately looked forward to the end of this year or were just happy to stroll into this new one without a backward glance, you really need to do a little more than just wave goodbye if you want 2016 to reward you with new adventures and more of what puts that spring in your step each day.  Like any relationship you no longer want to be a part of, you need closure before you can welcome the new and fresh into your life.  It’s not too late.

Think about it this way.  When you leave any relationship you pack up your bags and move on.  Any possessions that remind you of the sad, bad part of that relationship, you might give away, throw out or destroy.  You may keep some good stuff and some great memories.  These can all be helpful tactics to move on so let’s learn from what we do naturally when we end relationships and apply it to our dirty minds and letting go of 2015.  Over this next ten days you are setting yourself up for a truly happy new year so not another day to waste!

What is a dirty mind?  It’s the one that has a clutter of negative thoughts that confirms how miserable your life is (like keeping your skinny jeans that you haven’t fit into for 5 years).  It could be the festering victim (‘why me’) or angry (‘how could they‘) baggage that sits in your mind’s doorway so it’s all you can think about and clouds everything you think and do.  It is often the silent assasin that lets you and everyone around you believe you are doing so well, then WHAM, hits you like a tonne of bricks leaving you wondering why you feel miserable when you have so much to be thankful for.

A very dear friend of mine had the dirtiest mind!  Susan had a really tough year.  Every area of her life was dragging her down and she had that bottomless feeling of no way out.  Work took her away from home far too much; her teenage daughter was suffering with a number of  debilitating illnesses; Susan’s own health yo yo’d all year but she kept on going, being the strong matriarchal soldier for everyone.  You guessed it, she crashed and burned.  While taking required medical leave from work, she decided to do a huge clean up at home.  While some people thought she should just rest, I applauded her decision.  You see, her home mirrored her mind, both very messy, in complete dissaray.  She hired a skip (she was deadly serious about cleaning up) and spent the week cleaning every room in her home.  She was ruthless, having to dive into the skip once to rescue a photo album that was in an unopened box she had just heaved into the rubbish.  Ok, lesson number one, look before you throw.

How did Susan feel after this week of expelling thousands of things?  The best she has felt in longer than she could remember.  Free, light, clean, even happy, were words she used to describe her feelings.  What happened then?  Everything started falling into place.  She found a wonderful woman from Mums Angels to help her daughter (and the first thing the mums angel and her daughter did was clean her room!),  enjoyed precious magical moments with her husband and kids and to top it all off, worked out a way to do the work she enjoyed and be with her family alot more.  Wow, what a change a decluttered home can gift to you.

Wow, what a change a decluttered home can gift to you

Are you ready to have closure to this year and welcome with open arms a clean, fresh mind and an amazing year?  Here are the five simple steps for decluttering you!

  1. Get Ready  Write a list of everything that’s messy.  Do one each day if you can or be like Susan and do it all in one big cathartic hit.  The usual ‘dirty’ suspects are handbag, wardrobe, pantry, garage, desk.  Here is what you need.  Plenty of boxes or bags, cleaning cloths and the list of local charities that accept the wonderfully full bags of stuff you really don’t need any more.
  2. Get Steady.   The day has come.  Your first decluttering.  Turn on your favourite music, dress in your favourite comfy clothes, put on your determined ‘you’re going down’ face.
  3. Go.  Focus.  The only thing you are doing now is getting rid of stuff and cleaning up.    Be ruthless.  Ask yourself  “if this was gone, would I really need it?”  if your answer is NO, then out it goes.  DO NOT get lost in looking through old photos when you clean your lounge room cupboard (put them aside and make another time to reminisce),  DO NOT start trying on every item of clothing in your wardrobe (if you haven’t worn it in last 12 months, out it goes).  When you come across documents, cards, letters, photos that you no longer want to keep, DO put them into a separate box labelled Feng Shui and keep this stored in a cupboard where you can keep adding more to it.  Then once a year, have a feng shui cleansing (fire, wine, friends…I’ll tell you about this another time).
  4. Get past the Finish Line.   Tick off that list.  Store the bags of stuff (that some lucky local charities will be receiving) in your car or as close to your car as possible because we want them gone pronto.
  5. Celebrate your Win.  You did it!  What seemed to be simply cleaning up stuff will quickly become for you the easiest and most effective way to clean up your cluttered mind.  The loveliest way I know to ‘wrap a bow’ around all this great work you’ve done and to celebrate new beginnings is to complete your decluttering with a smudging.  I’ll let  Sage & Wisdom  tell you what this is and how to do it.

May you  be dancing into the new year singing (depending on your vintage) Pharrel William’s  Happy’  or B-52’s  Love Shak  or Louis Armstrong’s  What a Wonderful World

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PS.  for more info on decluttering check out Sue Kay’s website no more clutter

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