This is as far back as I can remember.  My family.  I was four.  Forty five years later I realised that mum actually had a life before I was born and it was one I wanted to know all about. I’m writing about it too because knowing the lives of our kin brings a sense of wholeness to our own life and a realisation of how lucky we are to be here!  Just think, one small change by our mum, one turn this way instead of that and we would not have existed.  What do you know about your mum before you were born? My mum was thrown into the air by a ‘Bob Hope’ (i.e. a WWII bomb ‘Bob your head and Hope you don’t die’) but that’s just one of the hundreds of stories I’m hearing now.  If your mum is still here, ask her.  Listen. Watch her eyes widen with the memories of her childhood and life before you.  There will be happy and sad stories and all waiting for you to know them.

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